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The best wedding dresses of 2024Wedding dresses in a romantic styleGlitter wedding dresses
The best wedding dresses of 2024


80 models

Wedding dresses in a romantic style


40 models

Glitter wedding dresses


30 models

Luxurious wedding dresses
Luxury30 models
Satin wedding dresses
Satin40 models
Wedding dresses with straps
With straps27 models

Founder’s note

Alexandra MetelevaNatalia Platonova

Not so long ago we were brides ourselves and we know well the worries, pains and desires of brides: how difficult it is to find the right dress, how important every detail is and how much the bride wants every moment of the wedding to be perfect.

We want more people to get married beautifully. Weddings are about being in love, not about superstition and parental ambition. A wedding is not just a rite of passage or a social obligation. A wedding is a dream from childhood. That’s why we believe that every detail in a wedding should bring joy and pleasure to the bride. Luckily, we’re not alone and that’s why we opened our first boutique back in 2013. Since then, we have grown and opened several boutiques in different cities. And now we’ve come to Dubai.

The first and probably the most important thing in a wedding is the dress. We love classy, quality, modern, stylish and light dresses. Also we appreciate European brands and style. We follow trends and designs, go to fashion shows, meet new designers and pick our dresses very meticulously.

We only bring dresses that we think are the best. We have chiffon, lace and satin in all the classic silhouettes and many dresses with hand embroidery. We have both luxurious and less expensive dresses, but regardless of the price, they are all good and well made. We want brides like us and our friends to find that one and only dress.

Choosing a wedding dress is a very personal decision. We help navigate through the silhouettes and colors, we suggest options, but we leave the decision up to the bride. To complete the image, after choosing the dress we match it with the veil, shoes and jewelery. In our atelier we can alter details if necessary and have the dress adjusted to the figure before the wedding. We show all the dresses at once in the showroom so that nothing interferes with the choice. We let you see, feel and try on each dress you like.

Classic silhouettes

Brands & designers

ElisiaAED 11,200
RavellaAED 11,300
EilidhAED 8,300
DorseyAED 12,700
PalmAED 10,800
50best dresses for sea wedding
50best dresses for sea wedding
Mini length wedding dresses
Short39 models
Multicolor wedding dresses
Multicolor6 models
Lace wedding dresses
Lace40 models
Simple wedding dresses
Simple50 models
Ivory wedding dresses
Ivory50 models
Wedding dresses with open back
Open back40 models
Plus size wedding dresses
Plus size11 models
Small size wedding dresses
Small size49 models
LP2426AED 14,000
ElariaAED 8,000
LP2424AED 16,000AED 14,400
ErminiaAED 10,600
MeitAED 5,000
25best dresses in vintage, boho and rustic style
25best dresses in vintage, boho and rustic style
White wedding dresses
White40 models
Wedding dresses in classic style
Classical50 models
V-neck wedding dresses
V-neck50 models

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