Choosing and buying a wedding dress is difficult and unusual. So we tried to explain in detail how to visit the salon, try on and buy a dress. If you have any more questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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Can I buy a dress in the shop or do I have to order it?

You can buy from stock or place an order if the right size is not available


What are the shop’s opening hours?

The shop is open every day from 11 to 22

Can I take pictures in the shop?

Yes, the stylist can take a photo or a video if needed, so that you can have a look at the models and choose the one you prefer or send it to someone close to you


Do I have to pre-book a fitting?

Yes, to avoid waiting for a free fitting room and a stylist

How much does a fitting cost?

The fitting is offered for free

How long does a fitting take?

On weekdays it takes an hour, and on weekends — one and a half

How to sign up for a fitting?

You can make a pre-booking on the website by choosing a date and time, or do it by phone

How many dresses can I try on?

We don’t limit the number of dresses per fitting and we don’t charge for each dress tried on

How does a fitting go?

The sales assistant will take you to our cafe area where, over a cup of coffee, they will ask you about the wedding’s details such as its date, theme and the dress preferences. After that, you will try the chosen models on and select the ones you prefer more

Do I have to pre-order dresses for a fitting?

There’s no need in that

How long before the wedding should I pre-book a fitting?

We suggest making an appointment no later than 2–3 months before the wedding