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Rara Avis

The dresses that are unique. The brand slogan “She is truly special” implies that every woman is lovely, special and one-of-a-kind in her own way. This exotic beauty reveals itself in every bride.


Il Mio Diamante · 2024

We can wait for you after 10 p.m. Give us a call!

Dolce vita · 2023

PannacottaAED 8,500

If you're opting for the Mermaid silhouette and it doesn't fit your figure, try on the Godet silhouette with a less pronounced tail

AmarettiAED 12,600

We provide our dresses in a branded garment cover

Oazis · 2022

SovaAED 2,400

We’ll tell you how to carry yourself wearing a wedding gown

Galaxy · 2022

SlavaAED 10,100

We’ll give you options for shoes, jewellery and a bridal veil

Amore mio · 2022

We will help you choose the most figure-defining silhouette

Trilogy of love · 2022

ArhaAED 6,500
MenaAED 6,900

Mary Trufel Alterations Shop offers a whole range services, such as hemming the bride's gown and modifying the length of the groom's trousers

GalaAED 7,200
Arha glitter
Arha glitterAED 7,600

The fitting is offered for free

Iskra · 2021

ZabavaAED 9,300

Want a dress we don’t have?
Give us a call — and we'll find it!

Floral paradise · 2018

We will have your dress fitted perfectly
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